Why FastWebEngine?
Why Our Clients Host With Us

Performance based web hosting isn't a luxury — it's a necessity. Designed for reliability, convenience and ease-of-use, our web hosting platform offers the perfect balance of storage, monthly transfer and account management features. Here are a few reasons why webmasters choose to host their website on a Fast Web Engine.

1. You're in Total Control

We offer web hosting that's easy and convenient. Our platform provides the essential tools to keep your website up and running 24-7. Through the intuitive interface of our control panel you can easily configure email accounts, manage databases, website files and backups, customize DNS entries, generate free SSL certificates, setup FTP accounts, access website traffic statistics and much more. No fluff — just reliable, powerful, web hosting tools to efficiently manage your hosting account and website. Learn More

2. Rock Solid Uptime

The availability of your website is our top priority. We aim for 100% uptime and work diligently to reach our goal. However, sometimes we do need to perform maintenance which may require a reboot. With this in mind we provide a monthly uptime guarantee of 99.9%, scheduled maintenance excluded. If we ever fall short of our goal, simply request a credit toward your next month of service from within the Client Portal.

3. Data Security

We take the security of your data very seriously. All of our web servers are hardened for secure hosting without disruption of service, and are protected behind an enterprise-level firewall. For extra peace-of-mind we provide the ability to create a full account backup from within the control panel. Schedule and download a full backup, including your website, databases, email and settings with just a few clicks. We also include a nightly backup of your account (website, email, databases, account settings) for added security.

4. Lean, Mean, Web Hosting Machines

Our HTTP/2 enabled, Apache/NGINX platform is built for security, reliability, and performance. Many hosting providers offer better performance on their "higher priced" hosting plans. We follow a different formula. Our web hosting platform provides speedy performance for all accounts we host. We do not have "performance tiers" and we do not place "limits" on your total number of monthly visitors. Our SSD-backed, cloud platform serves your web pages quickly and reliably, 24-7. Our pricing is based on the bandwidth and storage required to serve your website.

Speed up your slow WordPress website!

Speed Up your WordPress website!

WordPress is a database driven application that requires some form of caching to reduce page load times and increase performance. Our Apache/NGINX web hosting platform gives you the ability to choose from the variety of caching plugins that are available.

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5. No Hidden Fees or Costs

We don't like surprises that cost money. We do not assess hidden fees, and we don't believe in "account setup" charges. Account provisioning is included when you sign-up, and is typically ready within an hour after order confirmation. Order Today!

6. Far-Out Support

We guarantee exceptional support. We provide timely responses to your support requests around the clock, all year round. We know many of our clients by name, and often help resolve technical issues with their websites if they arise. Need assistance? Just contact us.

7. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are highly confident in the quality of our services. We provide all new web hosting clients a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide to cancel your web hosting account with us for any reason during the first thirty (30) days of account activation, we will provide a full refund of your initial purchase (*domain registrations excluded). We want your web hosting experience to be risk and trouble-free.

8. We're Passionate About What We Do

Web hosting is our business and websites are our passion. We take great pride in our services and client satisfaction is always our first priority. We strive to ensure that your web hosting experience is convenient and trouble-free. If you ever experience any issues and need assistance, just contact us.

Web Hosting Platform

Business Web HostingWe build performance tuned web servers connected to high bandwidth, network backbones. By using proven, open source technology we provide a web hosting platform that is capable of exceptional content delivery 24-7.

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WordPress Maintenance

Website MaintenanceWe provide a variety of website maintenance services to keep your information and platform up-to-date. We help reduce the burden of routine maintenance, content updating, platform, theme, and plugin upgrades, troubleshooting and support.

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Secure Your Website

Free SSL Certificates by Let's EncryptWebsites that serve web pages over an encrypted HTTPS connection rank higher with Google — and are safer for your visitors. We provide free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates in order to promote a more secure Web. Easily generate free SSL certificates from within our control panel.

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