WordPress Maintenance, Support & Updates
Website Maintenance, Updating and Support Services

We help make the process of maintaining your website much easier. We work with both WordPress and HTML based websites. From basic page edits, copy and graphics changes, to full WordPress administration, feature additions, updating, and backups — we are here to help.

We Keep Your WordPress Website Up-To-DateReduce the burden of routine maintenance and updating

We provide a variety of website update services that save you time and effort.

From making basic changes, to keeping content updated, to ensuring your WordPress installation is secure and error-free — We have you covered.

Our affordable, WordPress Care plans keep your platform and content up-to-date for returning visitors, clients, and search engines.

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Website Maintenance

Maintaining WordPress Can Be Challenging

We offer a variety of WordPress maintenance services to keep your website up-to-date. We reduce the burden of routine maintenance, content updating, platform, plugin and theme upgrades, troubleshooting and support.

We provide maintenance and updating services to suit your needs:

  • Hourly Website Maintenance (Only as needed)
  • Monthly Webmaster Maintenance (Monthly allotted time)
  • One-Time Assistance (When you simply need "Help!")

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Did Your Web Designer Mention...

When a new website goes live there are important things to consider that are often overlooked:

  • Who will you update your plugins and theme?
  • Has your website been secured against potential hacking attempts?
  • Is your website optimized for search engine indexing?
  • Where does your website place on search engines when visitors seach for your services?
  • How will you maintain and/or update your website on a continual basis?
  • How will you back-up your website and database?

Our website maintenance services address these considerations and much more.

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Website Updates and Upgrades

We work extensively with WordPress and traditional HTML based websites. Our website maintenance services include:

  • Core System, Plugin, and Theme Updates and Upgrades
  • Security Updates and Patching
  • Performance and Speed Enhancements
  • Search Engine Optimization for Better Placement
  • Feature and Functionality Upgrades and/or New Additions
  • Visitor Metrics, Traffic Statistics, Analytics and Reporting
  • Copy Changes, New Pages, Menus and Content Revisions
  • Multimedia Updates, New Graphics, Photos, Video and Audio Integration
  • Changes to the Look-and-Feel, Layout and Design
  • Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Integration
  • Graphics and Image Optimization

Why is WordPress Maintenance Important?

Similar to the software installed on your computer, a WordPress website will have continual bugfixes, patches and updates that should be installed in order to maintain security, proper functionality, and overall health. The practice of routine maintenance is vital for the stability of your website. WordPress websites are typically compromised through plugin and theme exploits. For this reason, WordPress plugins and themes should be consistently updated to ensure your website uses the most current and secure versions. We take care of this for you.

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WordPress Maintenance

Speed up a slow WordPress website!

We can help speed up a slow WordPress website!

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Web Hosting Platform

Business Web HostingWe build performance tuned web servers connected to high bandwidth, network backbones. By using proven, open source technology we provide a web hosting platform that is capable of exceptional content delivery 24-7.

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Domain Registration

Domain RegistrationYour domain name is key to your company brand. A great domain name that is easy to remember is a perfect way to market your company. Register a new domain name for your next website project or transfer your existing domain for additional savings.

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Secure Your Website

Free SSL Certificates by Let's EncryptWebsites that serve web pages over an encrypted HTTPS connection rank higher with Google — and are safer for your visitors. We provide free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates in order to promote a more secure Web. Easily generate free SSL certificates from within our control panel.

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